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Visual Narratives since 1995

Schooled in visual communication in Paris, France, Miriam Rosner began her career in 1995 in Luxembourg. In 2001 she joined one of the leading creative agencies as an Art director where she worked on some of Luxembourg’s best known private and public sector brands. After crossing over to the cultural field, she founded MONOGRAM in 2019.

MONOGRAM produces corporate identities, publications, packaging, exhibition and signage design for a diverse range of clients in Luxembourg. including the government of Luxembourg, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Buildings Administration, LISER, POST, Musée FERRUM, Villa Vauban, City Museum, CNA, Musée de la Résistance, Kultur | lx Arts Council Luxembourg, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Kinneksbond Mamer, Cercle Cité, architects, galleries and various non-profit organisations. 

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collaborative creation

MONOGRAM’s work is not just about crafting visuals; it is about weaving connections, both artistic and personal. Each stroke of creativity is enhanced when blended with the expertise of others, so MONOGRAM is constantly building a network of skilled and reliable artisans, printers, photographers, illustrators, writers and web designers and regularly collaborates with other like-minded designers and architects.


MONOGRAM has earned a variety of awards such as FPC awards in the categories Corporate Identity and Editorial Design (2004 and 2006); BCP Awards for Magazine Design (2012, 2013 and 2014); Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis for book and book cover design (2014 and 2016); Europa Stamps Competition 1st Place Winner (2022) and Luxembourg Design Awards Silver Winner for the stamps Legends and Myths for POST Philately (2023).

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