Editorial Design // Identity for an event

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

All You Can Eat 

Promoting the exhibition "All You Can Eat" about the challenges that are arising in relation to our food, affecting not only the survival of the human race but that of the entire planet.  

Photographs taken in a studio environment against a white backdrop, showcasing animals and meticulously prepared laboratory food, enable a strong focus on the theme of 'All You Can Eat.' The words are symmetrically arranged to form a striking square logo that can change its colour depending on the medium.  


Human beings are in a permanent state of dependency on food. At the same time, we have always been subject to dietary constraints and restrictions, whether climatic, economical, or cultural. The exhibition presents the various factors that have influenced our diet, from prehistoric times to the present day. A vast majority of the objects on display in the exhibition were produced and/or used in the Grand Duchy and in its capital. However, Luxembourg serves only as an example for the relationship between humans and their food in a universal way.