Illustration // Tableware


Celebrating Luxembourg’s writers and poets. 

Bonn, a high end interior decoration shop in the city centre approached Monogram with their wish to create a limited edition of six dining plates honouring three Luxembourg writers and their stories and poems on a set of plates.  

Inspired by vintage engravings of the castles and fortress walls of the city and its surroundings, Monogram playfully reinterpreted the three stories from Dicks to Lentz to Rodange. The set of six dining or dessert plates in green and brown shades can be unconventionally mixed and matched and come in a present box with a booklet.  

Edmond de la Fontaine (Dicks) and his “Hexemeeschter” is a song about a warlock who suspects his wife of attending nocturnal meetings with witches.  

Michel Lentz’s “Feierwon” is a patriotic song and rival to the national anthem giving birth to “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sin”, “We want to remain what we are”, and paying homage to the country’s first cross-border railway. 

Michel Rodange’s fable “Renert” is one of Luxembourg’s most influential literary works about a cunning fox’s schemes to the top and is actually a biting political satire.