Exhibition Design // Identity for an event

Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg

Ars Heraldica

Developing a contemporary identity and atmosphere for an exhibition centered on the classic subject of heraldry.

Following the strict rules of heraldry, we worked with a limited palette of colours, metals and furs and simplified coat of arms symbols. Flags suspended from the ceiling and towering panels reminiscent of castles and cathedrals contribute to the immersive experience, drawing visitors into the rich history and symbolism of heraldic emblems.

Heraldry, dating back over 800 years in Western culture, serves as a visual language for personal, familial, and societal identities. Initially associated with the nobility, coats of arms have transcended their origins and found utility in various contexts throughout history. Today, they adorn sports clubs, municipalities, or even breweries, yet their meanings often elude understanding, shrouded in mystery for many. This exhibition endeavours to demystify coats of arms for visitors, drawing from the rich repository of Jean-Claude Loutsch‘s manuscript collection donated to the Bibliothèque nationale in 2021. Through these manuscripts, visitors will gain insight into the symbolism and significance of heraldry not only within Luxembourg but also across neighbouring regions.

This project is a collaboration between MONOGRAM, Nathalie Jacoby - Njoy and historical consulting. 

Interactive design: 100%fat, pictograms: Mik Muehlen

All photos ©blitz