Illustration // Stamp Design

POST Philately

STAMPS EUROPA 2022 Legends and Myths  

Many myths, tales and legends were initially passed down by word of mouth and fantastical descriptions were merged with real people. In choosing the motifs, POST Philately felt it was important that the two stories, de Kropemann and Melusina, have a long tradition in Luxembourg but remain relevant and in people’s consciousness today. 

MONOGRAM was inspired by the aquatic theme common to both legends – the secrecy of the underwater world and the hidden depth it conjures. The wave pattern is reflecting the legends’ travel through time in being passed on from generation to generation. The stamps have different values and both are also available on first day cover envelopes. Melusina carries the European franking and, so, she will travel the continent to tell her tale.   

The Melusina stamp is GOLD Winner at the EUROPA 2022 stamps competition and both stamps are SILVER Winner at Luxembourg’s Design Awards in 2023.