Exhibition Design

Musée Ferrum 

Luxembourg’s steel industry and its origins in a capsule 

The Ferrum Museum occupies a space that once served as a shoe factory specializing in crafting miners’ footwear during the previous century and has since been transformed into a cultural center. 

The museum’s narrative traces the history of the Kayl community, spanning from the Stone Age’s earliest days to the contemporary era. One distinct section delves into the industrial heritage of the 19th and 20th centuries, shedding light on the commune’s development, shaped significantly by the influx of foreign laborers, as well as the surrounding towns influenced by working-class culture. 

MONOGRAM collaborated closely with Njoy and historical consulting to provide illustrations, diagrams, slide shows and photographs, all with the overarching goal of curating an exhibition that would enhance the visitor experience and offer profound insights into comprehending the area’s rich historical tapestry. 

This project is a collaboration between MONOGRAM, Nathalie Jacoby - Njoy and historical consulting.