Brand Identity // Label Design


Exceptional spirits distilled at the foot of the historic fortress walls of the city 

Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld (1517-1604), Governor of Luxembourg, Renaissance Prince, Knight of the Golden Fleece and renowned hedonist, led an eventful life dedicated to conquest, diplomacy and art in all its forms. 

His multicultural lifestyle inspired the Mansfeld team to create spirits of exceptional quality whilst using noble ingredients. As a confirmed epicurean, Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld would have loved it.  

A quirky collage of vintage illustrations change from one season to the next, each showcasing the Gin’s bespoke mood and flavors. Mansfeld’s portrait graces a banknote-patterned Rum label and embarks on a journey aboard a sailing ship across the ocean. Meanwhile Gigi Lamoroso, Dalida’s hero, rides his Vespa through 1950’s Italy, while enjoying zesty Limoncello from Capri.