Set of four plates – Limited Edition


These quirky plates are a perfect eye-catcher in any household
and will make a bold statement on any tablescape.
Displayed on a wall, they will make a lively composition,
reminiscent of classic Delftware with a contemporary twist.

The set of four plates come in a specially designed gift box.

Limited & exclusive edition of 120 sets.

  • 12.2 inch/29cm diameter
  • RAK porcelain plates
  • Highly chip and shock resistant
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Easy to stack
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe

€5.00 of the proceeds of each set go to Catch a Smile
Please note that this product is only available within Luxembourg.

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Semper fortis  – a contemporary Toile de Jouy

The beauty of the 18th century monochrome print and its motifs – often recording historic events, the events of the day,
cultural happenings or spreading political messages – inspired MONOGRAM to design a contemporary Toile, interpreting
this unprecedented event in the digital era. In this Jules Vernesque version of Luxembourg during the SARS-CoV-2-crisis,
the guiding principle is to “always stay courageous”. Adventurous hideaways become places to confine away from potential
danger, an escape from reality, love in times of a plague.

Semper fortis – a contemporary Toile de Jouy was created in spring 2020 for Design Decameron,
an online project by Cercle Cité, calling on ten Luxembourgish designers to create an artwork offering an intimate
look at the current events linked to the global shockwave.